About Us

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Longtime friends, Angela and Karyn met 20 years ago in the pharmaceutical sales industry.  They discovered a mutual passion and talent for entertaining, cooking, planning and all things design. Having invested countless hours creating memorable social events, they have perfected their skill to plan and execute unforgettable events and celebrations.

It has always been a dream for Karyn and Angela to venture into business together. Their attentive eye for detail, passion for design and appreciation for synergy have fueled their desire to become certified wedding planners, owning and operating an exclusive venue in order to create amazing experiences for all their clients.

As certified wedding planners, they bring your vision to life, providing custom recommendations for flowers, linens and décor. When you book your event at Stone Valley Meadows, you can know you are hiring a team of professionals who are ready and willing to work hand in hand with your coordinator to offer expert advice on all aspects of your special day.

Stone Valley Meadows desires to become the premier gathering place for friends and families for many years to come. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to create the event of your dreams!