The Red Door

After a day of travels, there is nothing guest crave more than a welcoming place of rest. A place to leave worries at the door, relax and celebrate the moment. These magical places could only be recognized from the color of the front door. Experienced travelers knew that seeing a red door from the road meant the person inside would immediately welcome them with open arms. A home with a red door signaled an invitation overflowing with hospitality. Whether a long-time friend or a complete stranger, these homes willingly provided a good meal, space for rest and shelter; sending guest on their merry way better than when they arrived.

As you step through Stone Valley Meadow’s red doors, expect unwavering hospitality, comfort beyond belief, and a beautiful place to call your own, even if only for a day. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, family reunion, baby shower or corporate event; we hope you know and experience the magic of the red door. You may come in as strangers, but you will leave as friends.