Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rental time for the day of the event?

16 hours, 9am to 12am

What time do we need to start packing everything up?


Is there a setup/breakdown in the rental fee?

It is included in the cost, but there are packages available if you would like options?

Is there a possibility of any additional charges or hidden fees?

No, the only extra fees will be because you decided to add on an amenity.

How much of set up will the venue handle?

All tables and chairs indoors are set up based off of your design. Chairs are available to be set up outdoors. However, those chairs are not set up for you.

Do you provide table linens?

We do not provide any table linens. However, we are able to arrange linens or make recommendations of companies that provide great linen options.

How many other events are booked on our day?

None, we know this day is special. We would never try to hold more than one event at the venue.

What is your policy on site visits?

You are welcome to visit the site/venue as many times as you would like. We just ask that you schedule an appointment.

Can we use any caterer we want? Are there any limitations on what the caterer can do on site?

Absolutely, however, if you need recommendations we are happy to assist. Yes, open flame cooking must be done in a designated space (i.e. gas grill, fryers, 220 amp cooking). Caterer must also take their dishes with them for proper cleaning.

Is there staff on site the day of my wedding?

We will always have an event coordinator available the day of the wedding from the start of the wedding until the end of the event. We will also open the venue the day of the wedding and provide directions and answer any questions you might have. We will also provide a cell phone number to call if there is a question during set up.

Is there parking for guests?


Does the venue service the restrooms and trash during the event?

Yes! We will service the restrooms about once an hour and as needed or requested.

Plans for day of event in case of bad weather?

You can switch to the indoor space, at your discretion and at no additional cost.

What is your policy on alcohol?

Alcohol must be served by an approved bartending company that has a separate liability insurance. We host open bars with alcohol. Client is welcome to bring their own alcohol or work directly with the bartender for suggestions.

Are there designated rooms for the Bride and Groom? What are the accommodations in each room?

The Bridal Suite is complete with two dressing rooms, a full restroom inside the suite with a shower, hanging hooks for garment bags, outlets, a beauty bar complete with mirrors and outlets and a private deck. There is a completely separate groom’s barn that is equipped with a bar, vintage video games, full restroom with shower, hanging hooks for garment bag, and a private deck for relaxing. Both suites can be locked when not in use.

How many total guests can be accommodated?

The Main hall 280, Lounge space 75. This does not include space available on patios.

Is there a built in bar?

Yes, with ice machine

Is there a coat closet?


How much is the damage deposit?

The damage deposit amount of $500 is collected with the last payment. We will notify you in a timely manner if there is any damage to the venue and return your deposit in a timely manner. Before your rental is complete, we will complete an initial walk through pre check list and a walk through and a post event check list at the end of the evening.

How many restrooms are there?

There is a restroom located in both the bridal suite and groom’s barn. There are also 4 women’s rest rooms located on the main level as well as 3 restrooms and 3 urinals for the men.

Are media accommodations provided?

Yes, the venue was designed and built to include a full audio-visual solution. We have 2 large screen screens at the front of the mains space, built in speakers through out the barn, and wireless microphones for the wedding party to use. It is all powered by a state of the art digital wireless control system and DJ grade amplification. The sound is divided into various zones, meaning you can have different volume or even different music playing in the man in room than the lounge. DJ’s once booked, we can coordinate with the DJ’s to ensure they are able to meet your needs.

(For you audiophiles and DJ, the system for the main hall includes: 3 amps with 700w per channel at 4 ohm and 425w at 8 ohm with 0.05% THD and 6 speakers rated at 500w peak/250w rms w/maximum continuous SPL of 116 dB and frequency range of 50Hz-19kHz. There will be 2 subwoofers that have 2 12” drivers in each that are rated at 600w rms down to 35 Hz and 122dB continuous SPL powered by an amp that can deliver 1,100 watts per channel. There are separate zones for the Lounge, and Foyer/Bar area. Wireless RTIXP6 touch panels are through the the venue as well as line level inputs to allow input from various locations throughout the space. Video over IP inputs are available for video input and distribution to the screens with sound output controlled by the central system)

Are there any noise ordinance we should be aware of?

Yes, we do follow the county noise ordinances and it is preferred that live bands and loud music be inside the venue or designated to the meadow. If there is going to be loud music outside, please work with the marketing manager to ensure there are no problems.

Do you require wedding liability insurance?

Yes, and we can provide you with names and numbers of places to call for more information. You must assign SVM as additional insured.

When would the rehearsal be?

Rehearsals take place the Thursday before your wedding if the space is available or the day of the event. These need to be scheduled with the wedding coordinator.

How does bartending work at the venue?

You are welcome to bring your own alcohol. Bartenders are required to have their own liability insurance. We do not have a liquor license. Due to the fact that we have a bar on site, we ask that alcohol is served behind the bar.

Are open flame candles allowed?

Open flame candles are allowed as long as they are kept in a glass container and the wick is covered (i.e. vase or jar).

Do you require contract to reserve our date?

Yes, a contract must be signed in order to secure your space. We will be happy to email a copy to you and process a credit card if necessary.

Can decorations such as draping be hung from the rafters or ceiling?

Sure, you are welcome to hang fabric and additional decorations from the rafters and ceiling as long as they are not nailed and there is no permanent damage.

Can we use real flowers?

Real flowers may be used everywhere with the exception of the flower girl. Dark color flowers are prohibited because of the dyes and stains. Light colored flower petals must be used.

How many tables and chairs do you have available?

We have 35 - 72" round tables (will need linens), 2- 72" by 30" (will need linen), 6- 96" by 30" (will need linen), 2- 48" round tables (will need linens), 8- 30" round high boy bistro tables (will need linen), 4- 96" by 48" Pilgrim Mayflower Table (do NOT need linens).

Do you have a prep kitchen and what appliances are available for them?

There are warmers, ice maker, ovens and refrigerators available for the caterers use.

Is the space air conditioned?

All spaces in both the Main Barn and Grooms Barn are air conditioned. In addition, the main hall of the main barn has three 10 foot ceiling fans to ensure great air circulation. By using such large fans, we can circulate a lot of air, without having to have the fans move fast, minimizing noise and breeze.

How do we determine our floor plan?

You will be provided access to our seating planner app. You will be able to drag and drop tables to design your space. In addition, we will provide you with feedback for what has worked well in the past.

What happens if the number of guest changes the day of?

You will be provided access to our seating planner app. You will be able to drag and drop tables to design your space. In addition, we will provide you with feedback for what has worked well in the past.

What is the best time of day of ceremony?

Any time of the day is a great time! It’s your day. Stone Valley Meadows faces west so there is a great opportunity for sunsets to be viewed from inside or outside the barn during an evening wedding.