Rent our Decor Closet!

Drink Dispenser

For one price you have access to our rental closet! This will include all of the items listed below! Items that will not be included are those stored outside of the closet including but not limited to the drapes, outdoor lights and the arches/doors. Please note candles are not included and must be provided by the couple. 
Entire Closet: $500

Milk glasses

Gold Votives

Silver votives

59 Total Votives

83 Total Votives

53 Total Milk Glasses
-6 Candlesticks
-6 Large Vases
-25 tall glasses
-16 short glasses

Large Vases


Large gold votives

7 Total Large Votives 

*Pictured next to regular sized votive

White columns

Boxwood Columns

ASsorted signs

Assorted bins

Gold Cart

A-Frame shelves

Assorted cake stands

-6 Short Columns
-4 Tall Columns
-XX Wood Columns

2 Columns

Extra signs not pictured. If you would like to see all that we have, please schedule a meeting to look at everything in person. 

8 Short Stands
2 Tall Stands

Harlow stands

miscellaneous items

assorted tubs

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***All items are available for rent individually. Please inquire about individual pricing. 

Add on our "Duke" Arch for an additional $75!

pictures coming soon


Ali Karacia




4914 Robinson Vail Rd
Franklin, OH 45005

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*Tours, Visits, and Payment Drop-offs by Appointment Only